Schools Starting Later Results in Better Performances

Devany Lyons, News Assistant

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Should high schools start later in the morning? This has been a question asked by many, and the answer is yes. Not only would it be better for the students, but it would be better for the school staff as well.

Most teens around the U.S. only get seven to seven hours and 15 minutes of sleep at night, when they should be getting at least nine hours. According to Instead of going to sleep at a decent time teenagers stay up working on homework assignments. Almost 70 percent of all students say that they get less than 8 hours of sleep at night because they either have a sleeping disorder and aren’t able to easily fall asleep or because their schedules are too overloaded with activities.

According to, studies show that people’s performances are more superior if they are well-rested. Less sleep limits the ability to learn, listen and concentrate. More sleep also helps with eating habits and reduces stress. 20 to 30 percent of students say they fall asleep in class instead of learning. According to, when schools delayed their starting time it prevented this, along with the amount of tardiness and car crash rates.

Another reason schools should start later is because it gives teens less time to think of ways to get into trouble with the law. Instead, students could go home, do school work, eat dinner and go to sleep. According to, Americans ages 15-19 committed multiple crimes within the year 2011. If school started at a later time, they would be less likely to commit any of those crimes because they would be too busy finishing homework assignments or doing other activities.

Opposing sides would say that students wouldn’t have enough time at the end of the day for homework or extra-curricular activities. However, if schools started at 9:00 a.m. they could finish at approximately 4:00 p.m. This would release them at the same time as many of their parents’ workplaces, giving them time to accomplish things that need to get done.

A way to solve the extracurricular scheduling conflict could be to hold sports practices in the morning before school hours. According to, a school in Wilton, Connecticut, starts school later and its students have still won a great deal of championships and competitions. Also, students could leave class a little early to attend a game if it’s necessary.

Students need more sleep and schools need to start at a reasonable time. As it is, teachers and parents expect teens to learn when their brains aren’t even awake yet. If schools started at a minimum of 8:30 a.m. students could give better performances on assignments, resulting in them achieving the grades they desire. It would also help with reducing the amount a stress a teenager goes through throughout the normal high school day. Wouldn’t it be worth it?

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One Response to “Schools Starting Later Results in Better Performances”

  1. Amy Fleury on September 22nd, 2017 3:35 am

    As a parent, I agree. I think all the schools should start the same time as the elementary schools do. There is just so much going on in the evenings anymore with sports, dinner, etc that this would be beneficial. I would like to see all the schools do away with homework too. I think it is too much on kids, no matter what grade you are in. It leaves kids and parents frustrated and it honestly just makes so much more stress for everyone in the family.


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Schools Starting Later Results in Better Performances