District shares plans for offices at “old” LHS building

With the excitement of the new Lewiston High School building under construction comes the question of what will become of  the buildings at the “old” high school? In February, leaders at the school district gave The Bengal’s Purr a sneak peek of a new tentative floor plan of the current LHS main building.

Plans are for this building to become the new district office for Lewiston schools, according to  superintendent, Dr. Robert Ronaldson, and assistant superintendent, Lance Hansen, whose offices will move from the Lewiston Orchards. 

The 91-year-old main building on the current campus will be partially used for offices, such as teacher training rooms and curriculum departments. Other parts of the building will be available  to be rented for office use by anyone in the community. Click below to see an expanded blueprint of what the building will be used for.