Winter storm postpones spring sports season


Annika Snow, News Assistant

Lewiston got a record setting 29.5 inches of snow in February alone, nearly 14 times more than average. With all this snow, how did the spring athletes and coaches of Lewiston High School adapt? Here’s what LHS spring athletes and coaches had to say about that.

Clayton Robinson, LHS track athlete, spoke about what track has been like in the snow,

“There have been some drills we haven’t been able to do, and snow had to be shoveled off the cement so we could practice on it,” he said. “It’s cold and our shoes are wet by the end of practices.”

But even with all the snow the track team has persevered and is looking forward to finally starting the season.

Allison MacMillan, an LHS golfer, also spoke out about the difficulties the snow has caused herself and fellow athletes,

“We lost so many golf balls in the snow we had to start using wiffle balls,” said MacMillan. “Our coaches have had to shovel snow in order for us to play.”

Despite all the obstacles and changes, MacMillan said it has only made her more excited to finally compete.  

Coaches also shared the struggles their teams have faced during the freak snow storms.

Patrick Zink, LHS coach of over 20 years, shared just how strange this weather really is.

“In my 26 years of coaching, my team has never had to miss this much practice or postpone so many games because of the weather,” said Zink.

Rather than losing hope or motivation, the athletes continue to soldier on with the goal of finally getting to play.

Kristin Delp, girls softball coach, advocated for her team.

“Cancelling or changing practices and having to share the gym for practices has become extremely frustrating for the girls,” said Delp. “They just want to play.”