Bonfield reminisces on baseball career at LHS


Skylar Raymond

Dawson Bonfield talks about his time playing varsity baseball for the Lewiston High School team.

Dawson Bonfield, a junior at Lewiston High School, is playing for the boys’ baseball varsity team for his second year in a row. Bonfield, who has been playing baseball since he was four, enjoys the sport because of how competitive it is and because it enables him to be involved in the school.

“It’s really fun to get to play on varsity because I get to be with my friends and I get to play on a good team,” said Bonfield.

The LHS boys’ varsity baseball team has been coached by Brent Jacobs and Golden Steele this year, leading the boys to state later in the spring.

“I would like to continue my baseball career throughout college, I hope to get an offer for a spot on a team from different colleges in the northwest,” said Bonfield.

Since beginning his high school baseball career, Bonfield has been able to speak with a few colleges, such as Columbia Basin College in Pasco, WA, to work towards his dream of playing at the college baseball level.

“My dad works with me a lot for baseball. Whenever I feel like I’m not doing my best, he’ll spend hours with me practicing so I can do better. He’s kind of a hard-ass, but I still love him,” Bonfield stated.

Over this past baseball season, Bonfield has helped his team win districts and because of that they are moving on to the state competition.

“It’s been a really good season so far, I like being able to work with my team to do something I have enjoyed since I was little,” Bonfield said.