Outdoor restaurant serves great dishes, smoothies


Eli Thomas

The Turkey Bacon Avocado Triple Decker Club prepares to be eaten.

Eli Thomas, Entertainment Editor

Munchies Restaurant opened March 1 in Clarkston at 306 5th St., between Basalt Cellars and Riverport Brewing. It offers a wide array of yummy items that will be sure to fill satisfy hunger that includes burgers, burritos and wraps. They also have beverages, such as smoothies or sodas. The items that will be discussed in this review are the Turkey Bacon Avocado Triple Decker Club, the Angus Cheeseburger and the Cherry Love Crunch smoothie.

Munchies is not a typical restaurant. It is more like a food-truck. But the main difference between Munchies and a regular food truck is that Munchies does not give the feeling that there is a good chance of getting food poisoning. Munchies actually gives off a really cool outdoor vibe. It is a perfect place to eat, sit outside and soak up the warm spring weather. The service at Munchies is also extremely nice and helpful. There was only one man running the restaurant, but he managed to carefully prepare the food in a timely manner.

The Turkey Bacon Avocado Triple Decker Club is an amazing sandwich from the first bite to the last. It is extremely simple but that does not stop it from also being extremely tasty. The bread on this sandwich is incredibly crunchy and tasty, as is the bacon. This contrast with the smooth and flavorful guacamole add so much to the sandwich. The turkey itself is amazing too. The most remarkable part of this item is the presentation. The sandwich looks well prepared and put together well with thought and care.

The Angus Burger is just as tasty and well put together. It is similar in style to the Turkey Bacon Avocado Triple Decker Club in the way that it is simple and doesn’t try to be anything it is not. This burger looks like a typical burger but the flavor of it is marvelous and unlike many others. It has a perfect texture and does not fall apart when you start to bite into it like a lot of burgers this size typically do. This is one of the few burgers that is served with mustard that actually utilized the mustard well and uses it in a beneficial way.

The Cherry Love Crunch smoothie is an amazing example of Munchies ability to combine many flavors to make a sensational one. The cherries and banana combine to give the drink a tropical feeling, while the granola adds tremendous taste without ruining the texture of the smoothie. Original smoothies like these Munchies stand out. A lot of other restaurants in the valley do not offer signature drinks, and if they do, they are not nearly good as the Cherry Love Crunch smoothie.

As far as complaints, there really are none. From ordering to eating, Munchies provides customers with an amazing culinary experience. It has the quick appeal of fast food, but with better quality food. Munchies also provides a unique food-truck type atmosphere, except a lot nicer. For these reasons, Munchies gets a 10/10.