“Frozen II” doesn’t top original


Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Sven gather together to plan their journey. Image courtesy of Disney.com.

Sophie Hunter, Entertainment Assistant

Being one of the most anticipated movie releases of 2019, Frozen II had a pretty high bar to reach. Six years after the original animated film, Disney finally released this sequel Nov. 22. Although mainly targeted for a younger audience, it appeals to all age groups.

This film picks up where the first left off. The original characters join Elsa in a magical forest after magical spirits call her there. Although it’s mainly Elsa’s storyline, the main characters from the original play a big part in keeping the movie entertaining as well as in moving the plot forward.

Unlike the first movie, the cinematography and editing with Frozen II take the spotlight over the writing. The scenery and digital magic are captivating, even when they hold no weight to the storyline. The animators outdo themselves with imagery that adds enough to the movie that it wouldn’t be the same without it.

The plot, though, is where the movie is mainly lacking. The storyline tries to follow a theme, and while it offers some underlying lessons, there’s little sense of inspiration or emotional weight at the end of the movie. A good portion of the themes covered in the film are also featured in the original, which feels redundant.

Although the sequel makes an attempt to refresh people’s memories of what happened in the first movie, some things are left out. This makes the story confusing for some of the youngest viewers who don’t remember the first movie or for those who never saw the original.

Perhaps the most significant difference between the original and its sequel is the use of music. Surprisingly, the original movie has three more songs than the second, but the filmmakers use them in very different ways. The original uses music to move the plot forward (i.e., Elsa’s “Let it Go”) while the second film feels more like a musical, with songs that do nothing for the plot. None of the new songs stand out, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t enjoyable.

Anna, Elsa’s sister, is a beloved character in the original but comes across as an annoying hindrance in this edition. She sets back the plot numerous times and is almost whiny, lacking all confidence that her sister can do what she needs to do.

Considering Frozen II as a whole, it isn’t outstanding. But it is still a very enjoyable and recommendable movie. It is worth the watch in the theater, even if it doesn’t meet the high bar set by the original. For these reasons, Frozen II deserves a 7/10.