Knives Out proves to be classic mystery movie


Chris Evans stares sullenly while playing Ransom Thrombey. Photo courtesy of IMDb.

On Nov. 27, director Rian Johnson released his comedic crime-drama, Knives Out. The story follows a classic whodunit path as a family tries to determine who murdered their patriarch, Harlan Thrombey, on the night of his birthday.

A star-studded cast supports the film with Ana de Armas, Chris Evans, Daniel Craig, Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Shannon. The movie has an engaging story, outstanding enough to earn three Golden Globe nominations, one Academy Award nomination, and multiple other nominations.

Knives Out is a refreshing mystery in this day and age. The plot is exceptionally well-written, with intricate details that are all revealed at the end. Everything falls right into place, and there are no plot holes or missing links. It is incredibly satisfying to watch justice served to everyone in the family who deserves it.

Another element that makes this movie so good is the acting. Acting by both de Armas and Craig received Golden Globe nominations. De Armas is a powerhouse playing Marta Cabrera, the nurse for Thrombey. Ultimately, she is the main reason for the case being solved. Craig plays Detective Benoit Blanc, who aids Cabrera in the mystery.

Overall, Knives Out is a refreshingly well-done movie. Critics at IMDb gave it an 8/10, and Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 97% as of Jan. 14. The story well-crafted and phenomenal acting supports. For these reasons, Knives Out deserves a 9/10.