Farnes begins painting an education for LHS students


Christopher Farnes

Christopher Farnes, the newest art teacher at LHS, began this school year instructing students in grades 9-12. With the addition of freshmen to the new school, Farnes, joined the LHS staff after previously teaching at Jenifer Junior High School.

Farnes attended the University of Idaho in Moscow, first earning a degree in fine arts. Previous to his career of instructing students, Farnes had other career intentions. Teaching had not always been his ideal career. As he described as what was a backup plan, he also decided to receive an additional degree in art education.

“Even after graduating I wasn’t sure that was the direction I wanted to move in,” he said. “With some of my college advisors pushing me that way and jobs opening up in the area, I decided to give it a go. Seven-plus years in, I don’t regret it in the least. It has been a truly rewarding experience!”

As he began teaching here at LHS, Farnes set goals for himself and his students. Farnes had a desire to instill passion and curiosity in his students and to allow his students the freedom to express themselves.

“The visual arts are a great way to help us understand who we are and how we connect to each other and the world around us,” he said. “While it is a form of communication, it is also a reflection of everything that makes us human. Besides, who doesn’t like being surrounded by cool-looking stuff!”

Farnes found his art interests during adolescence, but grew up with a passion for building and constructing. Farnes said that even as a child, he dreamed of owning a laboratory. Most importantly, he drew extensively and received encouragement from friends, family and teachers, ultimately leading to his love for art.

Outside of work at LHS, Farnes enjoys a musician’s lifestyle, playing several instruments and even recording music in his home studio. Before attending college, Farnes engaged in work as a guitar technician.

Previous to his career teaching in the Lewiston area, Farnes grew up in a small town in southern Idaho. This allowed him to discover his hobbies of traveling, creating art and music. He enjoys the outdoors and animals, making a diverse selection of hobbies. Farnes and his wife, who is also an artist, continue to embark on a journey together, one that had started nearly 20 years ago.

Farnes had said that he was thrilled to join the Lewiston High School family of both students and staff.

“Coming from the junior high, it has been an extra bonus getting to continue working alongside students I have come to know and love,” he said, “It also doesn’t hurt I get to work inside this fantastic new building.”