Cruella storms theaters in a bold and brash way

Cruella, played by Emma Stone, strutting confidently through a lavish party. Image courtesy of

The newest Disney movie, Cruella, is a crime/comedy film set in 1970s London, during the punk rock revolution, which was a major influence on this movie.
It featured a powerful soundtrack full of some of the most popular ‘70s rock and punk songs ever. It was directed by Craig Gillespie and featured Emma Stone, a wonderful actress best known for her roles in Zombieland, Easy A and for playing the role of Gwen Stacy in the Amazing Spider-Man movie series.
Emma Stone showed viewers an impeccable performance as the eccentric and slightly maniacal Cruella de Vil. The plot moves slow at first but picks up speed after the initial character development has been established. For a movie that is supposed to take place in the past, Disney did a good job at genuinely convincing me that it was set in that period, unlike a lot of old school movies. Alongside Stone, many other popular actors and actresses starred in the film such as Emma Thompson and Joel Fry. Overall, Disney hit it out of the park with this movie which is why it deserves a 4 out of 5 rating.