Jacqueline Flipper passes far too soon


Jacqueline Flipper. Photo courtesy of Monica Flipper.

Jacqueline Flipper was a staff member who many at LHS might not have known. She spent most of her time with foreign exchange students and also those who were immigrating to the U.S. permanently. Sadly, on Oct. 7, Flipper passed away at age 73 at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center in Lewiston.
Since 2007, Flipper had worked for the Lewiston School District’s English as a Second Language program. Her specialty was Spanish, according to Kathleen Vellegas, human resources supervisor.
“Jaqueline was a truly valued member of our staff and her work was commendable in every aspect,” Vellegas said in an email.
Flipper was known as a kind and caring person who worked hard with her students and colleagues. Her coworker, Cynthia Yarno, showed joy in her face when she described Flipper’s kindness.
When Flipper worked with her students, she didn’t just work for a paycheck, but in a manner that was caring and full of joy, Yarno shared.
Flipper was also highly positive. It was clear that she left an impact.
“She was cheerful and kind,” Yarno said, adding that Flipper made students feel at home with her charm.
For students from other countries, school can be daunting. Flipper was able to take students’ terror and uncertainty and turn it into positivity, Yarno said.
She also had an attitude of empowerment with students, Yarno said.
“She didn’t enable the kids. She provided the tools to help them succeed without giving them the answers,” Yarno said.