Out of order: “Devious Licks” trend takes hold of LHS

National trend encourages students to vandalize, steal from schools


The men’s bathroom in the LHS DTEC building has closed multiple times this school year due to vandalism. Photo by Madeline Gibson.

In mid-September Chad Arlint, vice principal, started noticing soap dispensers and soaps were stolen from both the girls’ and the boys’ bathrooms.
After that, urinal dividers, paper towels, toilet paper and urinal pieces were also stolen at the school. Various students have attempted to rip sinks off of the wall as well, according to Arlint.
The vandalism has continued overall this fall, with various cafeteria condiments in bathrooms, along with writing on the bathroom walls.
So far, a few vandals have been identified and caught at LHS. Charges have included: petty theft, malicious injury to property, aiding in the commission of a misdemeanor, and restitution, according to LHS Student Resource Officer Rob Massey.
“It ultimately comes down to the students stopping it, having enough pride in their school, [and] doing the right thing,” Arlint said.
Arlint added that he hopes students will realize that they don’t have to put up with vandalism and theft, and that the trend doesn’t have to go any further.
“It’s our school. We need to take care of it,” Arlint said.