Sing 2 a success, proves sequels can be good

Miss Crawley driving a rental car to meet Calloway at his house. Photo courtesy of

Sing 2, by Illumination (the creators of Despicable Me and Secret Life of Pets) and a sequel to 2016’s Sing, released Dec. 22, 2021. It featured not only the original cast, including but not limited to Matthew McConaughey (Interstellar), Scarlett Johansson (The Avengers), Seth McFarlane (Family Guy), and Reese Witherspoon (Legally Blonde) with the sequel including singers Bono and Halsey as well as actor Bobby Cannavale. Sing 2 has an average two-hour runtime and was directed by Garth Jennings. While having a budget of 85 million, the movie raked in almost 635 million dollars at the box office.
The movie itself is pretty enjoyable; while it is a children’s movie, it isn’t entirely child-oriented. Its perfect blend of action and comedy makes it a great film to see with your kids or family.
Sing 2 is about the crew from the original movie after a few years of making a name at the local theater. A scout visits them to see the show but tells them they aren’t good enough to make it in the big leagues, to which Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey) objects. They make the trip to Redshore City, ignoring the scout, to meet an actual show producer and audition for him. The producer Jimmy Crystal (Bobby Cannavale), isn’t impressed by their show but quickly changes his mind when Gunter (Nick Kroll) tells him about an idea he has; a space musical with legendary, reclusive rockstar Clay Calloway (Bono). Crystal hires them to produce the space musical, and the journey begins. They get to work on their show, and Buster learns it will be tough to get Clay to be in the musical, as he hasn’t left his house in almost 15 years after the death of his wife. Crystal finds out that Buster doesn’t have the connection to Calloway that he initially stated he did, which angers him and makes him nearly throw Buster to his death off of his building. Ash (Scarlett Johanssen) convinces Calloway to join them using one of his songs, making their way back to Redshore. Buster barely makes it back to tell his friends that they need to leave, but Clay tells them that running away isn’t that great, so they decide to hold the show behind Crystal’s back, who is on the hunt for Buster and his friends. They put on their performance, and Crystal gets arrested for throwing Buster off the catwalk, leaving him to fall to the stage and probably die. The crew goes back home and gets the opportunity to run their show at several more theaters.
While the movie might seem cheesy to most people except for children, it is a very heartwarming and funny film that could easily be the next best family movie night first choice. Sing 2 deserves a 5/5.