District, community report COVID-19 numbers


The novel Coronavirus. Image courtesy of cdc.gov

No students and zero staff members currently had COVID-19 at LHS, as of March 8. District-wide, no one has COVID-19 according to reports from Superintendent Lance Hansen. Since the beginning of the school year, 149 students have returned from quarantine, as well as 29 staff members from LHS. The district total for COVID-19 cases since the school year began is 479 students and 159 staff.
Nez Perce County has an average of 8.8 new cases per 100,000 people every day. The vulnerability level is measured as medium with a 4.3% positive test rate and a 0.48 infection rate, according to covidactnow.org.
Among Idahoans, 60.4% have received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccination, with 53.3% having only one dose. The state also has a 5.8% positive test rate. The infection rate for Idaho is 0.88.
The Lewiston-Metro area has averaged about 19.5 new confirmed cases every day. Five COVID-19 patients were hospitalized with one in the ICU, as of March 8.