District, county, and state report COVID-19 numbers

Zero students and no staff members have reported cases of COVID-19 at LHS, and nobody was reported quarantined, as of April 12. A total of zero students and 1 staff member were infected in the Lewiston School District at that time, according to Superintendent Lance Hansen. Since the beginning of the school year, 479 students have returned from quarantine, as well as 161 staff members.
Nez Perce County has an average of 1.2 new cases per 100,000 people every day. The vulnerability level is measured as low with a 0.8% positive test rate and a 0.99 infection rate, according to covidactnow.org
The Lewiston-Metro area has averaged about 1.3 new confirmed cases every day, the data being collected for last week. As of May 5, local hospitals had 13 new admissions due to COVID-19.
Hansen, alongside the Lewiston school board members, made the decision to stop sending daily reports to parents and staff members regarding COVID-19 numbers beginning April 13. The choice was made due to extremely low infection numbers reported within the community, as well as Idaho Gov. Brad Little ending the statewide public health emergency on April 15.