“Uncharted” showcases treasure hunting journey


Spoilers ahead!

Uncharted, a historical treasure-hunting film, is “a massive globe-trotting adventure” directed by Ruben Fleischer. Based on the PlayStation video game series of the same name, the movie stars icons such as Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg and Anthony Banderas.
The story follows Nathan Drake (Holland), a bartender in New York, who is approached by Victor Sullivan (Wahlberg), a seasoned treasure hunter. Sully, as he is commonly referred to, tells Nathan of his brother Sam, whom he lost many years ago. Sam was a friend and they were both on the trail of a secret treasure belonging to famed explorer Ferdinand Magellan.
The pair invades a high-class auction to steal an artifact that will help them on their journey to recover the treasure. After stealing it, they travel to Barcelona, Spain, to retrieve the other piece of the relic. They meet Chloe Frazer (Sophia Taylor Ali), a witty and sly adventurer who has the other part they need.
Nate, Sully and Chloe galavant around Barcelona, following the clues in Magellan’s journal, only to discover that the journal wasn’t leading them to the real treasure. Instead it leads to a map to where the prize is.
Chloe betrays the group and takes the map. They follow her onto a plane, they all get knocked out in a fantastic action scene, where Nathan fights thugs on top of falling cargo crates. Chloe and Nathan land in the Philippines, and with the postcards his brother has been sending him for years, Nathan cracks the case on where the treasure resides.
Uncharted has a slow pace, too much dialogue, and an underwhelming amount of action. While it is a highly entertaining film, it certainly isn’t one of the best movies that Holland or Wahlberg have performed in recently. Its lack of action scenes, extensive dialogue, and seemingly long runtime are enough for Uncharted to earn a 3/5.