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Shocking Announcement from the Royal Family

Queen Elizabeth II stands next to a grave. Photo by Declan Cattrysse.
Declan Cattrysse
Queen Elizabeth II stands next to a grave. Photo by Declan Cattrysse.

A shockwave was sent through the United Kingdom yesterday as alarming news was discovered by the British Armed Forces early in the morning. At exactly 0800 hours, Sept. 8, 2023, precisely a year after the supposed death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, a soldier for the British Armed Forces discovered something astonishing.
During a scheduled excavation of a small forest due north of Buckingham Palace, a soldier supervising the construction of a new tool shed on the property found something he never would’ve expected under the ground. Tunnels leading around the grounds, into the palace and throughout the property were found with space big enough to fit a human person. However, the only living thing found was a small family of gophers living through the tunnels.
After further examination and survey of the grounds, an older woman was found, covered in dirt and running from the scene. After being taken into custody by British police, the woman was identified as the late Queen Elizabeth II of England, who had died a year ago on the day of her discovery. Law enforcement is utterly shocked at this unanticipated discovery.
The man responsible for this revelation, Lieutenant Edwin Hatt, was questioned by higher-ups to under-
stand his incredible experience better. When asked, “How did you react when they told you that it was the late Queen,” Hatt responded, “Well, I was right shocked, wasn’t I? I mean, It’s a bit odd, innit? Finding your dead queen stalking the grounds of her old home like a beast. Certainly, it was a shock when I found out who she was. I doubt I’ll ever forget a day like this one, that’s for sure.”
The Royal Family has not yet confirmed the next steps in light of the recent drama, but there is one documented statement from His Majesty, King Charles III, which is quite simply, “Not this ol’ trick again, mum.”

See the follow up to this mind-boggling discovery here:

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