LHS, CHS remember Kruger for thoughtfulness


Photo courtesy of Facebook’s Remembering Liz Kruger.

Gracyn Richardson, Editor in Chief

Elizabeth (Liz) Kruger, 19, died Aug. 9 from causes that were pending, according to the Clarkston Police Department.

Kruger attended Lewiston schools from elementary school until the second semester of her senior year. She transferred to Clarkston High School and graduated there in June 2018.

Kruger had a personality unmatchable to others. She loved certain aspects of life that many people overlook, such as the way the street looks on a rainy day, or the dandelions growing in tufts of grass in an ungroomed backyard. Personality-wise, she was known as a butterfly by nature.

“She was my other half. She made me see the world so much differently than I ever knew I could,” said Marcella Rodgers, a close friend of Kruger.

Kruger was a cheerleader in grade 9 for Jennifer Junior High School, and, according to many of her team members, she was not very good at the sport.

“She didn’t know how to do a cartwheel,” remembered Jolene Cox at Kruger’s vigil Aug. 16. “She would do a somersault across the front of the mats, and pop up at the end so proud of what she did.”

Though Kruger wasn’t the most coordinated in the sport, she gave it all she had with no holding back.

Kruger’s memorial service was held Aug. at Pioneer Park in Lewiston, where everyone, even people who had just seen her once in the hallway, was invited to come dressed in colorful tie-dye clothes. Butterflies were released as her friends and family came together to mourn her passing.