Student speaks out on COVID experience

Emily Gibson, Staff News Writer

By Emily Gibson
Staff News Writer

In the Lewiston-Clarkston valley, several students came down with COVID-19 after going back to school last fall, each experiencing something unlike the other. Justin Alder, junior, tested positive for COVID-19 and experienced with more standout factors compared to some of the other cases he’s heard of at school.
Alder claims he started feeling sick and tired after arriving home one day.
“I felt like I had a flu or virus, so I took my temperature. It was at 102 degrees,” Alder said. “So I went and got tested and stayed home until I got it back positive.”
Following this, he explained the symptoms he experienced during the peak of the illness,
“I had a high fever and felt super-tired all the time,” he said. “I had a migraine that lasted several days. Fortunately, I didn’t have a shortness of breath.”
Still, Alder said his COVID-19 experience wasn’t the worst thing to happen to him, especially since most of his school work is available online
“The biggest long-term effect is that my taste hasn’t fully returned to normal, and my smell hasn’t returned,” Alder said. “Losing my senses was the biggest standout factor for me.”
Alder has been recovered for months but claims he will never forget his time dealing with COVID-19.