Working without a vaccine


Leslie Wilson

Everyone has heard people who believe everyone should get the vaccine immediately, but how about someone skeptical of getting the vaccine. I spoke with Leslie Wilson, a Special Education instructional assistant who works with students of LHS.
One of the most profound things I had noticed was that she was genuine when I spoke with her.
She feels that the vaccine is a little earlier and would rather wait and see what could happen before making any decisions.
And when I asked about her thoughts on the mass vaccination and mask mandates getting lifted, she mentioned that this was a good thing but that people should also still be aware of the germs even after the vaccine.
Wilson stated that she practices good hygiene and washes her hands frequently.
“If I touch a doorknob, I’ll wash my hands afterward; if I touch the guardrail in the school, I’ll wash my hands,” she said.
Wilson had made it clear that she was an intensely clean person, so I asked her if she ever planned on getting vaccinated. Wilson said she would, but only after a couple of years, and there were no severe concerns or effects of the vaccine.
I had also mentioned to her about other people who may not be vaccinated.
“I wear my mask whenever I am around people or out in public, and I keep my distance from others,” Wilson said.
I had asked Wilson if she thought that people might be making a mistake in getting the vaccine so early in its release. She had mentioned that everyone is their person, and she can’t control what they do.
When I had asked her why she feels this way about the COVID-19 vaccine, she had stated that she worked as a medical assistant and was concerned with what the RNA-based vaccine could do. So that led me to try and understand where she was coming from fully.
I asked her why she quit her job as a medical assistant. She mentioned how she couldn’t be personal with patience; Wilson wanted a job that allowed her to connect with the people she was working with.
So after a couple of years as a medical assistant, she decided to become a special education assistant. She works with students within LHS who have special needs and require that personal time to learn genuinely.