Tennis Mid-Season Brief


Photo courtesy of Purr archives.

LHS tennis courts during practice.

The LHS tennis season started March 12 and, despite rain, games have mostly gone as planned. Regular practices have been held every weekday in between match days.
Practices consist of working on technique and strategy. Players specifically work on being more aggressive and attacking the net.
Varsity players Allison Olson and Morgan Moran placed first in girls doubles at Coeur d’ Alene on March 12.
“I felt overjoyed and satisfied. That entire day we were pushing ourselves to win first, so when we did, I was very happy,” said Olson. Olson explained she is working hard at practice and attending lessons at LCSC to improve her tennis skills.
The varsity tennis team has a history of making it to state. With regionals coming up quickly, tennis players are working hard at practice to prepare for regionals and other scheduled matches.