“Lego Batman” serves as successful successor

Carl Snyder, Entertainment Assisstant

Warner Bros. released The Lego Batman Movie Feb. 10, a spin-off of the original 2014 sleeper hit, The Lego Movie. Since the original movie was so successful, this movie has high expectations, and it does not disappoint. This movie manages to be hilarious, yet heartfelt and a even a little bit meta and satirical.
Starting off, the voice acting in this film is good. Will Arnett, who portrays Batman, has excellent comedic timing. He never misses a beat with his comedy. This also holds true for Michael Cera, who plays the character of Robin. Zach Galifianakis plays The Joker, and he is one of the better on-screen portrayals of The Joker that the public could ever see. Also, Rosario Dawson, who plays Barbara Gordon (Batgirl), gives a solid performance.
The writing in this movie is fantastic. It puts the audience through every imaginable emotion, even while working through the medium of Lego. Without the excellent writing in this movie, it could have been a flop. But it wasn’t. This movie is masterfully written, which just adds to the movie’s charm and enjoyability.
The plot of this movie is much more intricate than expected. It delves into more serious subjects than anticipated for a movie directed at children. It takes a unique spin on the hero-villain dynamic that often occurs in superhero movies. In addition to this, the movie is more meta, self-referential and satirical than expected. The result is hilarious, and adds depth to the movie.
There are nearly no flaws in this movie. At times it dragged but that does not detract it from being a perfect movie. It made the audience laugh, cry, and laugh some more — all with Legos. For these reasons, this movie receives a perfect 10/10.