Five gifts to give graduates

After four years of late-night bus rides, surprise tests, and waking up before 7 am, this year’s class of 2022 is graduating from Lewiston High school on June 4, 2022. If you, a loved one, or a friend knows someone who is going to be wearing his or her cap this June, consider giving them a gift for this special time in their life. Finding the perfect gift can be challenging, so here are five gift ideas for our 2022 graduating class.
1. Cash. With this one, you can’t go wrong. Sliding an extra $20, $50, or even $100 into a greeting card is bound to fly well. This gift is especially good for someone you do not know very well and find it difficult to think personally about. This gift is also great for both upcoming college students and graduates ending their education alike.
2. Headphones. With online music at an all-time popularity, headphones are essential (especially ones in the Bluetooth category). With college comes dorm living, and with dorm living comes shared spaces. Having a high-quality pair of headphones to watch TV, listen to music and walk around campus is a nice privilege.
3. A nice laptop. With our graduates moving on to adulthood, an adult computer to use is a must in this modern age. Whether the recipient of the gift is using said laptop for college classes or just to have a nice mode of communication via email, a good working laptop is a solid idea for any young adult.
4. Hydro Flask. Hydro Flasks are high-quality water bottles that will last a lifetime. They can keep any liquid cold or hot for long periods. Overall, Hydro Flasks are a handy water bottle to have, and everyone drinks water.
5. College gear. If your graduate is attending a college, get them some merch to rep their new school!