“I Feel Pretty” promotes self-confidence

Amy Schumer feels like herself in a promotional poster for

Amy Schumer feels like herself in a promotional poster for "I Feel Pretty." Photo courtesy of Creammagazine.com

Amy Schumer feels like herself in a promotional poster for "I Feel Pretty." Photo courtesy of Creammagazine.com

Mikey Vidovich, Co-Entertainment Editor

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Directed by Marc Silverstein and Abby Kohn, and released April 20, I Feel Pretty revolves around an insecure girl, who longs to have, what she thinks is, a better body.

After hitting her head in an accident, Renee Bennett played by Amy Schumer, awakens and sees herself as someone totally different — someone who she thinks is beautiful. This new self-image changes her personality and Bennett becomes very confident, surprising those around her. This eventually leads to Bennett becoming somebody she has always wanted to be, but not exactly what she imagined.


In the end Bennet goes back to seeing herself as she originally did, but ends up loving herself and tells others to do the same.

This film is a comedy, and it definitely shows with Schumer’s acting. However, it’s not just a comedy. The story includes heartfelt scenes and has a strong social message, all in all.

The one aspect of the film that could have been different was the fact that Bennett saw herself as somebody totally different. She talked about how toned she was when she wasn’t. This worked for comedy, but not for a realistic feel. Luckily, in the end, she realizes that she is beautiful no matter what she looks like — toned or not

The film addresses real problems with society and the perception of beauty. Women and men get the message to look a certain way and only that way. This movie teaches viewers that their actions, not just their looks, affect the way people think about them. Once Bennett began to be more confident and comfortable in her own skin, everything changed.

A standout line in this movie comes from Schumer as Bennett in her motivational speech at the story’s end: “I’m me, and I’m proud to be me.”

Shouldn’t everyone say that to themselves?
This movie is enjoyable for its comedy and its message. Schumer gives an outstanding performance, along with her character’s love interest, played by Rory Scovel. The film also offers outstanding performances from Bennett’s new boss, played by Michelle Williams, and Bennett’s best friends, played by Busy Philipps and Aidy Bryant.

This movie lacks some realism, but makes up for it with a great message. For that, I Feel Pretty deserves a 9/10.

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“I Feel Pretty” promotes self-confidence