Jose’s Tacos serves fresh authentic Mexican food


Plated dish at Jose’s Tacos. Photo by Sophie Hunter.

Sophie Hunter, Entertainment Assistant

  José’s Tacos, sitting at 908 Bridge Street, is an authentic food truck in Clarkston, Washington. 

   At first impression, the place was well maintained with cute, welcoming decorations such as colorful umbrellas, ambiance lights, and playful paint designs. The small plot had all outdoor seating with picnic benches as the only seating method.

    Although the selection was limited, the food was reasonably priced. With a less than 15 minute wait and friendly customer service, the food was served with single-use plates and cutlery. 

    The food items this review are based off of are their fish tacos and super burrito. The fish tacos were 3 for 6 dollars and were made with grilled tilapia, cabbage, and pico de gallo sour cream. The super burrito was $7.74 and was made with cheese, rice, beans, tomatoes, avocado, sour cream, and your choice of meat. 

   Despite the presentation, the food was beyond phenomenal. It was flavorful and fresh, and even though it was prepared quickly, it was made with thought and attention. The food was very true to what was shown in the pictures on the menu.

   The creme on the fish tacos was homemade and delicious. Unlike other Mexican establishments in the valley, the food was not gimmicky or Americanized. It had an excellent selection for people who like spice. 

  Even though the selection was small, they did offer options for kids or picky eaters with items such as cheeseburgers and chicken nuggets.  The drinks available were very on-brand, with Mexican sodas such as Jarritos.

   The bathrooms could have been cleaner, but they aren’t horrible. Although there was outdoor seating, José’s is better suited for a grab-and-go experience. The busy Bridge Street degraded the relaxing and immersive ambiance. 

   Fortunately, they are very accommodating with to-go orders as they will bring your food to your car for you. The small parking lot, which only allowed for 4 or 5 cars, was the place of the biggest concern as you had to back out onto Bridge Street with little visibility.

   The experience at José’s was one to go back and have again, especially to try other menu items such as the Flautas or Walla Walla Tacos. Even though it wasn’t a fancy sit down restaurant and considering it was a grab-and-go food truck. For these reasons, José’s Tacos deserves an 8/10.