“The Batman” conquers expectations despite criticism


Batman (Robert Pattinson) pictured in front of a dark background. Photo courtesy of uhdpaper.com.

The Batman, starring Robert Pattinson, was a highly anticipated film with many Batman fans on the fence. Many speculated that, based on his past work, Pattinson couldn’t take the role in the right direction.
Despite the pressure of the role, on the fateful day of March 4, Pattinson proved triumphant. The movie explores Batman as a detective, adding dimension to the character. He cannot use physical force as his only outlet. Pattinson shows the flawed side of Bruce Wayne that viewers wouldn’t normally see. Despite his posh British accent in real life, Pattinson delivers an excellent “Batman” voice, radiating intimidation, which fits the character well.
Pattinson’s intensity as Batman and Bruce Wayne pays off in every scene. It separates his performance from the others and the character feels genuine. Though there is no clear distinction between the character in the suit and out of it — Batman and Bruce Wayne are almost the same entity in this movie. It almost works, showing that Bruce still has to learn how to distinguish the two. But it doesn’t entirely work. Overall, Pattinson offers an excellent performance; his hard work and dedication are precise.
Although the acting in this movie is an overall 5/5, with Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman and Paul Dano as the Riddler, it’s still challenging to stay engaged. The plot points and riddles tie together to break open a wild case that they are trying to follow. But unless a viewer is paying 100% attention to every detail and person in this movie, it’s easy to get lost, very quickly. Characters are introduced left and right, and they are always crucial to the plot.
The film is also very long. With an outstanding 3 hours and 6 minutes, this movie is not one to watch casually. There are many action-packed scenes during those hours, but the length feels unnecessary. However, the film would feel incomplete without the amount of detail.
Even with the length of the movie and sometimes confusing plot, the overall film was enjoyable with quality story-telling and an excellent cast. This movie deserves a 4/5.

Rating Reason: The Batman
This movie earns a 4/5 because the story includes such fantastic detail. The script is excellently written, and you feel as though you know each character. This is also because of the quality cast, including Robert Pattinson, Paul Dano, Zoe Kravitz, Colin Farrell and Jeffrey Wright. These talented actors truly stepped into their roles in this serious movie. This movie isn’t perfect, but no movie is. While the writing is exceptional, the film is very long, and the plot is sometimes hard to follow. But it is a movie that could be watched more than once and still be enjoyed.