A caring personality that impacts students

Loretta Tuell, Features Assistant

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Alex Rhea’s humorous personality shines through when he jokes about how he landed in Lewiston. “I threw a dart at a globe, and it landed on Idaho” he said.
Rhea loves the valley for the weather, lack of humidity, and not having to fear of a tornado sweeping him away. He moved to the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley this summer and started his career at Lewiston High School in the 2017-2018 school year.
He always liked to help others, and found his inspiration to teach when he was tutoring a group of students for a challenging class and his pupils all aced the test. After teaching for five years in Augusta, Illinois, Rhea packed up and moved 1,370 miles west to arrive in Lewiston, Idaho. Being in a school that has a greater population than his last town, he appreciates how welcoming and helpful the staff and his students have been.
Molly Hendrickson often works with him for consumer math and believes he is a great addition to the staff.
   “It’s great having a positive male role model,” Hendrickson said.
  She added that, ”students seem to love having him as their teacher because he is easygoing and upbeat.”
    LHS counselor, Christina Cahill, also occasionally works Rhea and mentioned that he is able to connect to teenagers through his sense of humor and caring personality. When working together, she feels they are planning success for their students.
    While in Augusta, Rhea taught history and worked with Special Education students, and after moving to the valley, he continues to work with special education students.

Alex Rhea sitting at his desk, smiling because of the weather and staff at LHS. Photo by Loretta Tuell.

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A caring personality that impacts students