Five charities chosen for 2020 Golden Throne

Skylar Raymond, Features Editor

For the 2020 Golden Throne, Lewiston High School and Clarkston High School ASB executive members chose five charities to donate the money raised throughout the week of the game. The first charity chosen was the Willow Center, this is a rehabilitation and counselling center that people can go to for free. Homes For Hope, the second charity chosen, helps foster children and families in many ways everyday. Backpacks for kids donates backpacks and school supplies for children in need across the valley. Rocksteady Boxing is boxing classes that donate all profits to Parkinson’s disease research. The last charity chosen is The Green Apple Project which brings awareness and support to children with autism. The Green Apple Project holds movies with dimmed lights and quieter sound for a better experience for children with autism.
Donations will be made during the week of the Golden Throne and then divided up into the five charities listed above.