Student Olympians take on annual event

Jonika Ringling, News Editor

At the Bengal Olympics Friday Oct. 16 students and teachers battled in multiple competitions.
The Crochet Club beat its all time fundraising record by $58 in the 25th and final year or raffling off the Bengal afghan. The club raised $711 total and Kaylee Wisher, junior, won the afghan.
Andrew Owen, senior, won first place in the Effie Burger eating competition. Justin Chase, junior, came in second, Golden Steele, teacher, came in third, and Nick Blume, sophomore, finished in fourth place.
Carly Marvel won first in the “White Girl Chug”, a race to drink a 32 ounce Dutch Bros freeze. Shantelle Fisbeck, junior, finished second followed by Christina Cahill, counselor, and Geonna Travis, junior.
Seniors Maddie Atwood and Lane Alford won the overall jousting competition. While the seniors won the overall tug-of-war competition.
Cory Pills, senior, won the turkey bowling competition. Levi Speer, junior, took second; Brent Jacobs, math teacher, took third; and Garret Beckman, sophomore, took fourth.
Seniors placed first in the relay race, teachers placed second, juniors placed third, and sophomores placed fourth.
Seniors won best overall hallway and most attention to detail. Juniors won attention to theme and sophomores won most creativity.