Marching band participates in annual competition


Melinda Pals

Marching band participants compete in annual competition for the 2019-2020 year.

Elsa Munster, Features Assistant

The LHS marching band competed at Martin Stadium in Pullman Oct. 26, with 58.6 for the group’s final results.

The show’s theme was based on the 1970s, with a peace and hippie vibe. The props included peace signs, disco outfits, tie-dye, flowers and bright, vibrant colors. The theme piece for the performance was called “Chase,” which was a funk-jazz show. The 1970s band named Chase inspired the show with three movements: “Open Up Wide,” “Handbag and Gladrags” and “Get It On.”

The marching band put a lot of time into getting prepared for the competition. Brendan Burns, the band instructor, stated that the band spent two months preparing for the competition, including rehearsal times, a week-long band camp, and five to 10 hours a week in class this fall.

The band’s goal is to improve every year, both in the score and in confidence, Burns said.
“[We want] more people confident in their music, more people confident in their drill marching, so that we have a more confident overall performance,” said Burns.

The 2019-2020 marching band is the largest one thus far compared to previous years, making its sound louder, Burns said. The group has also worked on getting more organized and perfecting its movements in sync with the music.

“It will be visually and auditorily more appealing to the audience and more exciting for the judges, which results in higher scores,” said Burns.

Adviser’s note: Kim Neri, news assistant, contributed to research for this story.